The Chair

The assembly

Assembly is simple. Just take a side frame and place the main stringers, transoms, back and leg joints in the appropriate casing and fix to the frame with screws. Then add other crosspieces and tuck the dowels to complete the chair. Finally position the second side frame and the other five screws to lock the whole.

60 variables available

The structural configuration of the chair always includes two side frames, 5 stringers for the back support, 2 leg support crosspieces 2 and the seat, formed by two main crosspieces , 4 central crosspieces and 45 dowels filling. In all 60 elements which can be chosen in different available colors to compose the proposed models, but also to play, create different provisions, also exchanging them with those of another chair.

Natural - Ecological

All Compose products are made with non-toxic and high quality materials from production to the care of the packaging.

The main material is wood with its technical and aesthetic characteristics of sustainability that fear no competitor, nice to see abd touch, can give a room a warmth and a welcoming feeling hardly comparable to other materials.

The Compose line brings positive energy to your home along with greater satisfaction and durability.

Technical drawing of the chair


Weight 12 kg

Technical drawing of the Natural chair

Technical drawing of the Raspberry chair

Technical drawing of the Chocolate chair

Technical drawing of the Blueberry chair