The Table

The assembly

The table is delivered with the legs removed. Assembly is simple. You should place the table top upside down on the ground, place the legs near the corresponding mounting points on the model chosen, and lock with the screws. Turn the table and conclude, if necessary, with a final close of all screws.

The variables available

The structural configuration of the table is always made up of a plan and legs. The plan is made of laminated panel, thickness 40 mm, to ensure greater stability and lightness, veneered with real wood veneers of beech. In this case the only variables are the length and the width. The types of legs instead is available in three versions, Elegant, Akin and Plain and variable consists essentially of the available colors to match the floor.

Natural - Ecological

All Compose products are made with non-toxic and high quality materials from production to the care of the packaging.

The main material is wood with its technical and aesthetic characteristics of sustainability that fear no competitor, nice to see abd touch, can give a room a warmth and a welcoming feeling hardly comparable to other materials.

The Compose line brings positive energy to your home along with greater satisfaction and durability.

Tables Elegant, Akin, Plain


Weight 18 kg

Dimensioni dei tavoli

W [cm]L [cm]

Technical drawing of the Elegant table

Technical drawing of the Akin table

Technical drawing of the Plain table